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PyCarGr: Unofficial API for car.gr

07 May 2017

Searching for a car in Greece (and elsewhere probably) can be a boring process. As my main search engine I use car.gr which is the largest online marketplace for cars in Greece.

As I was clicking through checkboxes and dropdowns every now end then to check if there are any new entries that fit my search criteria, it occurred to me that I'me a programmer so there must be a more efficient (and fun) way to do my search.

My initial solution was a simple cron job that periodically scanned for new entries that fit my search criteria and sended me an e-mail.

Later on I started playing around with the website's source and realized it was pretty simple (almost everything is static html) and thought that it'd make sense to scrape it and maybe do some aggregate statistics on the results or generally play with the data. This required a more structured approach, hence I developed PyCarGr

PyCarGr is an unofficial car.gr API backed-by flask. It provides programmatic access to car data and search results. Search results can also be exported as a nicely formatted csv file.

Feel free to clone, customize and contribute.

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