Florents Tselai Think, Code, Read, Sleep, Repeat



Hi, I'm Florents! I was born 32 years ago. After living the first five years of my life in Albania in this house, I and my family moved to Salamis Island, Greece, where I grew up.


I use mathematics and machine learning to analyze & explain data. When the machine doesn't learn, I do it the old-fashioned way: I use my brain and do my own learning instead.

These days, I'm primarily interested in making Python and Postgres work better together.

Civic Engagement

Being a strong supporter of the concept of active citizenship; I am actively involved in voluntary initiatives whenever my effort and skills can be valuable to my fellow citizens.

The most impactful project I'm mostly proud of is diofanti; a free and public tool that tracks government spending in Greece.

Professional Experience

I have research, working, and leadership experience across the entire data supply chain: from modeling and applying machine learning algorithms to multiple domains to engineering and managing production deployments of big data pipelines.

I have consulted for many international companies in the areas of predictive analytics, market analysis and general data strategy. Occasionally, I also teach corporate courses & seminars on data strategy and engineering.

Some companies I have worked for or consulted for include: BCG, Deutsche Telekom, BASF, GfK, XING, BMW and Advantest among others.

Other Interests

In my free time, I eliminate free time. In particular, I try to read as many books as possible; I'm primarily interested in strategy, history, philosophy, and politics.

Feel free to contact me via e-mail or LinkedIn